Some Points in Maintaining Home Water Purification Device

Your home water purification device is a small factory of healthy and hygienic drinking water which is needed to be maintained for appropriate and good efficiency. To keep water purification device is very simple. It is enough to comply with the following points to make sure of device performance correctness.

Do not connect warm water to the device
Warm water causes defects to device filters specially RO membrane. It will deform fibrous filters and also damage other elements and parts. Connections and washers of device will be deformed due to heat and cause water leakage. Therefore, if you want to install home water purification device yourself, be careful do not connect it to warm water by mistake.

Prevent from freezing of home water purification device
If you install home water purification device in an open space, you should certainly insulate around it to be prevented from freezing. It is better to make an insulated room special for device to prevent the device to be exposed of coldness. Freezing of water inside the device cause the shields to be burst and it may not be repaired again.

Replace water purification device filters timely
Non-replacement of filters timely not only will affect the quality of drinking water negatively and endanger your health, but it also may damage the main filter of water purification device, in fact Reverse Osmosis membrane (RO) which is located in the fourth stage of device and lessen its life. In case the filters are not replaced timely, chlorine will not be removed from water. However, chlorine can perforate RO membrane and damage it. As this filter is expensive you will be borne high costs.

Use standard and hygienic filters of Aquajoy
Water purification device filters should be standard and hygienic. Prevent from using miscellaneous and nonstandard filters, because they may endanger your health by contaminating drinking water.

Turn off water purification device when you do not use it for long time
If the device remains unused for more than 5 days, disconnect incoming water and power from water purification device and evacuate the existing water in reservoir tank completely at the time of reuse and throw it away.
When bust and fracture accidents of urban water pipes occur, it is better to unplug the device temporarily and close incoming water valve, as well to prevent from any ooze and sand enter to the device. While the piped water is clean, operate the device again.